Make your Arizona home safe and spooky.The air is getting cooler. Pumpkin patches are popping up. Kids are beginning to plan their costumes. Halloween is just around the corner. There’s all sorts of fun to be had, and we want to make sure that Arizona home owners avoid trick-or-treating accidents. Read our five best tips for Halloween safety.

1. Go out at dusk and walk from the sidewalk to your front door. Remove any trip hazards, like garden hoses, stray toys, and tools. Make sure there’s plenty of space around your front door for candy-seekers.

2. Light the way for the ghouls, witches, gypsies, and knights who will be coming for candy. Steer clear of open flame and opt for bright LED lights. A string of Halloween colored lights adds visibility and contributes to the festive mood. Spooky, inexpensive lanterns can be made with a few witch hats and LED lightsticks. Decorate paper bags with ghosts or pumpkins and add battery operated candles for safe luminaries.

3. Carved pumpkins are tons of fun. Just make sure they are well away from the path. Consider using battery operated candles rather than traditional ones.

4. Look for safety-rated lights, from UL, CSA, ETL, or another recognized laboratory.

5. If you transform your Arizona home into a haunted house to frighten friends and neighbors, be sure to go through it carefully and make sure that the only scares are from the ghoulies and ghosties, not accidents or falls.

We hope these tips will help keep your Arizona property Halloween firmly in the treat side of the festivities!