Learn about native cultures living in Arizona.Living in Arizona provides many unique opportunities for recreation and exploration of the region’s cultures. For those searching for recreational options in Arizona, the Museum of Northern Arizona is a gateway to the Colorado Plateau. Visitors can really dive into the culture of the Plateau and learn about its rich history. Located on over 200 acres in Flagstaff, Arizona, the museum has research labs and an exhibit building on its campus, as well as state of the art collections facilities. More than five million Native American artifacts, fine art pieces, and natural science specimens are maintained there. For those living in Arizona this internationally recognized museum is easily accessible, which makes its high quality exhibits, collections, and festivals readily available.

Since its founding in 1928, the Museum of Northern Arizona has been inspiring a love for the beauty and diversity of the Colorado Plateau in all its guests. Through collecting, preserving, studying, and interpreting the area’s cultural and natural heritage for visitors, MNA hopes to instill in them a sense of responsibility for the protection of the region. The museum works with the native peoples of the Southwest, especially those living in Arizona, to help foster the cultures, traditions, and beliefs of the Colorado Plateau. By encouraging cultural artistic expression and educating visitors about the various cultures and art of the Southwestern Native people, MNA hopes to foster the protection of the region’s history. For more information see their website at musnaz.org.