Read our Scottsdale real estate market report.The December 2015 picture of the Arizona real estate market is overall a positive picture. There were 6,605 closed sales for the month, which is a jump of 27.07% from November 2015 and 3.27% from 2014. Of course, the picture changes when the focus is narrowed. Scottsdale real estate sales in December 2015 totalled 598. This is an increase of 26.7% increase from November but a drop of 4.5% from the same time a year ago. The median sold price fro Scottsdale real estate was $375,000 for December 2015. This was down 7.6% from November’s $407,000, but an increase 4.2% from December 2014.

Sales of Phoenix homes are very robust, both comparing December 2015 to November 2015 and December 2014. There were 1,631 closed homes sales in December 2015. This represents an increase of 28.6% from November 2015 and an increase of 5.1% from December 2014. The median sold price for homes in Phoenix for December 2015 was $201,900. This is a 2% increase from November’s median of $198,000 and a 12.2% increase from December 2014.

It’s a truism in real estate that the winter months have fewer sales than the summer. While it’s true that the December numbers are less than those of spring and summer, that doesn’t change the fact that the December real estate market in Arizona was surprisingly strong.